Three Ways to Emptiness

Toronto Clinic_July 6

In July, Ken Sakamoto, the head of  Ryusei Karate-Do, will be coming to Canada to teach a series of clinics.

His first clinic will be an open seminar held Sunday, July 6, at Jennings School of Karate in Bradford.

Called “Three Ways to Emptiness,” the clinic will feature three sessions geared at teaching some of the higher principles of the martial arts.

Session one will feature  Buddhist Dharma teacher Jacques OulĂ© doing a session on Zen meditation, helping karateka develop the proper mental focus in their practice.

Session two will be taught by longtime tai chi practitioner Rodney John. He will focus on taking some of the tai chi principles, such as relaxing, sinking and flow, and applying them to karate. Rodney has worked long and hard to understand tai chi as an effective martial art.

And session three will be taught by Sakamoto-Sensei. His study of karate includes both cultivation of  technical excellence and spiritual development. As always, we expect him to do lots of practical demonstrations of his principles, leaving attendees sore but enlightened.

Click here to download a copy of the flyer. 

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