The Chinese Basis for Seisan?

This is a link passed on by Terry Valentino of Koshin-ha Chito-ryu. The above video is footage of the San Zheng of Luohan Quan performed by Master Liang Shou Zhong in the 1980s.

The YouTube description says: “In Fujian, there are over 5 different lineages of Luohan Quan recognized (three of which are in Fuzhou, one is Yong Tai Fang Guang Cliff Luohanquan, then there is Fuzhou Luohan Quan (which actually originated in Kai Yuan Temple, Quanzhou in the south) and finally Xiang Dian Quan.

“This Luohan Quan which is performed originates in Yong Tai County at the Fang Guang Cliff where it was passed by Monk Bao Kong. 4th Generation Master Chen Dong Guan (who was Liang Shou Zhong’s teacher) was one of its most recognized inheritors and taught the boxing in Fuzhou.”

Terry writes in his email: “I found this on my you-tube wanderings and the relationship between Fujain Lohan Quan and Okinawan karate seems very clear. This form in my eyes could have very well been the original inspiration for Seisan. What do you think?”

I think Terry may be right, that there is some connection between the Chinese form and our Seisan kata. The punching and scoop actions are similar to the beginning of Seisan, and the open-hand block pulling down motion also correspond to moves in our kata.

What do you think?

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