First Copies of New Ryusei Karate Manual Published

Ryusei cover page

Some advance copies of the new Ryusei Karate-Do kyu belt technical manual have been published. This new manual includes a translation of the original Japanese manual, created by Ken Sakamoto-Sensei. It also includes illustrations of basic techniques, kata and bunkai created by Kambiz Miranbigi and Rick Going of  Ottawa Ryusei Karate-Do. And finally there is a DVD of technique created in Japan, with footage of kata and bunkai being performed by Sakamoto-Sensei and other senior Ryusei instructors.

Copies of the manual are being sent to dojo in Canada as well as our dojo heads in the U.S., Japan and Australia. We’ll take advance orders from the dojo and then do a print run in late September or early October.

The manual will serve as an invaluable aid to students, serving as a reference to help them remember and understand the technique they learn in the dojo. The manual is published in a binder, so that when new illustrations of the black belt kata and bunkai are created, the new pages can be added without having to purchase a separate manual.





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