Illustrating the New Ryusei Manual


The new Ryusei Karate-Do Technical Manual will be published this fall. The core of the manual are the writings and illustrations done by Sakamoto-Sensei. To make this kyu manual useful for beginner and intermediate students, we have also added step-by-step illustrations for the kihon (basics), kata and bunkai (two-person self-defence exercises that serve to elucidate the meaning of moves in kata).

The illustrations were created by Kambiz Miranbigi and Rick Going, the instructors of the Ottawa Ryusei Karate dojo. Rick served as the model for illustrations, his technique honed through long practice and during his years a national-level competitor. Kam was the photographer, who used a custom Photoshop process to  convert the photos into the black-and-white illustrations you see here.

Kam and Rick are currently working on illustrating the black belt kata and bunkai.





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