Earl Robertson’s Adventures in Karate

Earl Robertson, head of Yoshukan Karate, has posted another of his fine Zanshin newsletters. In it recounts his colourful early days in karate, as well as his training in Kumamoto, Japan, with Masaru Inomoto, who has impressive credentials: a master of Chito-Ryu karate, Japanese swordsmanship, Okinawan kobudo (weaponry) and bayonet fighting.

An excerpt:  “The opportunity arose to visit this famous teacher, Masaru Inomoto-Sensei and I was brought over to his dojo by Tanakasan. Sensei had built a large, gorgeous dojo not far from OSensei’s house. The entire first floor was the dojo with his family’s accomodation on the second floor. The entrance to his dojo had three prominent trees; Lemon; Pine and Bamboo and the combination of the three trees denoted peace, perseverance and an unbending will. Walking in to the dojo took my breath away. Here was a dojo that by Canadian standards would be large. In Japan it dwarfed any other I had seen. The hardwood floor looked like it had been polished a thousand times and the dojo Kamiza (small house at the front of the dojo) was surrounded by the requisite Japan flag and fresh ferns.”

Read the entire article here

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