Carrying on the Legacy of Capt. Creelman

Sensei Creelman Karate Award

Capt. Jamie Creelman was a popular instructor at Barrie Ryusei Karate, known for his sense of humour, patience and the brutal workouts he repurposed from his military experience. Sadly, Jamie died unexpectedly of a heart attack almost a year ago. To commemorate his memory, we bestow the Creelman Award upon the student that shows the best attitude and progress in the study of karate.

Our first winner was five-year-old Richie Lawrence, who not only showed an amazing amount of concentration for someone his age but is also a determined fighter and a really nice guy. Then, in October 2011, the second Creelman award was bestowed on William Gardhouse, who has shown good spirit, strong attendance and made marked strides forward in his understanding of karate.

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